8 Best Apps for Mathematics to Sharpen Your Mind in 2020

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects for students from the start of their academic year. It is useful in so many purposes, including our daily life encounters. As much as many students must face difficulties in understanding the concepts of it. As we are heading towards a digital world, why not make use of our phones and tablets, which are now a part of our daily lives productively.

The Incredible 8 Apps for Mathematics

So taking a step ahead for making students lives more comfortable and convenient here are some of the best math applications that are widely used and are helpful for students:-

Star Dash

Star Dash Studios is an application that is made to help your numeracy skills by engaging gameplay combined with educational content. This game is designed for students in their late teens, and early 20’s who struggle to see the purpose of math in their day to day lives. Star Dash Studios takes place on a movie set -the player is a runner, this game is linked to real-life situations and help players to see the value of math in their workplace. It makes it interesting for users because it’s constantly engaging for them to do more in a new way, and without realizing, players will gain plenty of knowledge from this app.


The next exciting application is Sumaze. It is a problem-solving puzzle game that involves arithmetic, inequalities, the modulus function, indices, logarithms, and primes. This game is fit for A level mathematicians and can also be played by players who don’t have any previous knowledge of these topics. There is an update to this app named Sumaze 2, which deals with fractions, percentages, decimals, primes, and digit. It is suitable for children of age 14-16+.

Khan academy

Khan academy is a well-known app not only for mathematics but for other subjects as well. This app is student-friendly and has videos related to the NCERT/CBSE curriculum. It has over 10,000 videos and explanations to build a strong conceptual understanding of the subjects by engaging them with quizzes, unit tests, and weekly homework. It is beneficial for boards, CAT, GMAT, IIT-JEE. Not only do they provide a unit test, they also recommend exercises to focus on and step by step videos. It is a widely used app for students to be tutored from home free of cost and with their own time and convenience.


Photomath is another resourceful application. It works by either scanning text through your mobile camera or can type equations by its scientific calculator. The best part of this application is that it breaks each problem into steps with explanations making it easier for students to understand the logic behind each equation and problem. It is an offline application and supports over 30 languages making it very efficient for users around the world.


Calculators are essential in solving mathematical problems and equations. To make it much more comfortable and accessible, a digital calculator, namely Mathway, is the world’s smartest calculator. It instantly solves your problems, from basic algebra to complex calculus. It covers topics that are pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics. It acts as a private tutor solving problems step by step and providing instant answers to your questions.

Graphing calculator

Graphing calculator is a scientific graphing calculator that is designed to replace massive and costly graphing calculators with efficient and virtual calculators available on your android phone and tablet. It works as a scientific, graphic, fractions, algebra, probability & statistics, and matrix calculator. It is very efficient for learning how to plot graphs and solve equations accordingly.

Geometry Pad

Geometry is a vital aspect of mathematics; that is why an application named Geometry Pad makes a student’s life easier. With Geometry Pad, you can make shapes, explore angles, change the way, and calculate metrics. Snapping is deeply integrated into the application. Snap-to-grid and snap-to-objects allow for precise constructions. Snapping can be easily turned on/off in the quick snapping settings window. You can insert images, draw free-hand, and can save documents. This app makes construction and calculation of shapes easier through in build shape metric properties.


Lastly, the most used application for our entertainment purposes that is YouTube can also help study mathematics. YouTube has various channels where people put various informative, resourceful details and can be accessed by anyone.


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