The 6 Best Podcasting Software for Windows in 2020

Ever wanted your voice to be heard by the masses? Ever wanted to talk about an issue or a topic that you feel people must be educated about? Ever wanted to deliver no-nonsense content right from where you are?

If you’ve answered yes to the above, then we have an answer for you. Simple, convenient, to the point and half the hassle of producing videos, podcasts are the way forward. Well researched and well thought out, podcasts provide an ideal means for people who wish to listen to something meaningful, informative, and make the most out of their time.

The 6 Best Podcasting Software for a cherished life in 2020

Here are 6 of the best podcasting software for Windows in 2020, handpicked by us, that you could use to delve into the world of podcasts and deliver quality content to the world!


  • First up on the list right here is good old Audacity. Audacity is free, open-source software that is best suited for beginners who wish to start, or maybe experiment in this arena.
  • The user interface is decent, and it has just the right amount of tools to get you going. The main screen features the recording tools, different audio tracks, options to mix them, and to monitor each of these.
  • Apart from the basics, Audacity also offers a couple of sophisticated tools here and there, one of them being the option to eliminate noise from your audio sources. There is no support for MIDI, however, which means that if you want to record some digital music and have it added to the track as a background, this may not be the best choice for you.

Adobe Audition

  • Moving forward to more professional softwares, we have Adobe Audition. The software can be used by anyone with a basic knowledge of audio editing. It is suitable for both rookies as well as the masters of the game.
  • Adobe Audition offers you multi-track recording, with facilities to edit each track separately and set levels for individual tracks. With excellent noise reduction abilities as well, the premium, subscription-based software might be the best option for you.


  • Let’s take a break from conventional software. It isn’t specifically forWindows but is an online platform that you could use for your podcasts, especially if you’re thinking of calling in some guests from elsewhere for the show.
  • Zencastr is well suited for interview/conversation styled podcasts where two or more people in remote locations are involved. In such a scenario, getting crisp voice samples from sources such as Skype becomes a problematic issue.
  • Zencastr combats this issue by using VoIP, wherein individual voice samples are recorded in high quality and stored on the cloud, which can be easily accessed and mixed as required.
  • The service may be obtained for either free or on a subscription basis, where the latter provides more options.

Hindenburg Journalist

  • The Hindenburg Journalist is a tool that has been curated specially for the needs of podcasters, audio producers, and radio journalists. The tool is ideal for recording on-the-go since one can plug in their USB Microphone to their device and begin recording.
  • When it comes to consistent sound levels, the Hindenburg Journalist manages to execute that by automatically setting standards, which ensures that the audio that you record from different sources is uniform and seamless.
  • There are various pricing options for the software. However, multi-track recording options can be availed only in the pricier segments.


  • Heading over to some tools that can help you refine your podcast, Alitu comes to your rescue.
  • All is a tool that helps you edit, add effects to your podcasts, and be made ready for uploading in less than 5 minutes. The process is simple – upload your audio file, trim, or remove any errors by selecting the parts and getting them out of the way.
  • What’s more, you can also add an intro and outro music to add that extra punch in your podcasts. Once you’re done, you could either download it to your computer or export it straight to a streaming service!
  • All can be availed on a monthly or annual subscription basis.


  • The last one on the list isn’t something that you can use to record or edit your podcasts. It is, however, a crucial tool that can assist with SEO.
  • Scribie provides transcripts for your podcasts – something that can enhance the user experience and make your podcasts very accessible. An online tool that charges a minimal amount per minute of the audio track, this is a must-have if you want your content to stand out in the crowd.


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