6 Best Transcription Software to Transcribe Your Videos in 2020

Transcription Software is one of those technologies that helps each age group and is suitable for every environment. Whether it is your meetings or while taking notes during lecture. In this article, we will discuss about various transcription software that will help you to do tasks more comfortably.

The 6 Best Transcription Software to soothe the difficult tasks

The below listed are some of the best transcription software that one may use in 2020.


OTranscribe is the most straightforward software that the user can get free of cost without spending money. It has simple features and tools which are quite easy to use. It is HTML5 software that can be easily used on your website. It has a simple design and layout where the user can control all the functions through a keyboard, apart from that it offers you to control text editor and an audio player at the same time. With its ease, the user can quickly start, stop, and rewind just with the help of the keyboard without even switching the windows.

To begin with the process, all you need is to upload an Audio-video file, or you can also enter a link from a Youtube video. Once you upload the file, then you need to place it to the left of the text box so that you will be able to use it in a single window without switching between the windows.

The FTW Transcriber

The FTW Transcriber software is very user- friendly software where the user can use it anytime he would want. It is accessible even on your smartphones or tablets. It is designed in such a way that it satisfies the needs of the customers. The software has an automatic timestamp and a very high quality of audio playback.

When you begin with the work in the FTW transcribe, it will showcase a small orange-colored user interface that can be moved anywhere the user would want. It plays significant roles like play, pause, forward. Skip and adjust volume etc. The software offers a free trial for a short period and with limited features. But if the user would wish to use all of its features and tools, then he has to pay $1 a month to access it.

Dragon Transcription solutions

The Dragon transcription software is mostly used for business purposes. Companies use this software to increase their productivity and to minimize the high costs of transcriptions. This software is very speedy and versatile in terms of transcribing capability. Users can access it even on their smartphones and can transcribe the audio files quickly. It offers access to both android and iPhone users.

The software has a unique feature of ATFA. Auto transcribes a folder agent that creates a flow of text with the audio file and helps to synchronize and match it with perfect accuracy.

The software is available for free but with the basic features and tools. If you want to access more features and tools, you have to pay $300 for a premium edition.

Express Scribe

Professional transcribers or typists mostly use an express scribe. It is easy to use and control just with the use of the keyboard. The software is very versatile, where users can easily handle all the features and tools without switching the windows.

Apart from that, it also has hotkeys that support the process of rewind, pause, start, stop, and other speed adjustments in a single window.

The software is accessible in 3 versions that is a basic version for free, a standard text for costs $50, and professionals with the premium edition of cost $60.

Transcribe software

Transcribe software has a distinctive feature that provides the user with two choices. One user can get the transcript by typing, which is the traditional way, and another one is that the user can transcript it through the dictation process. In the second procedure, the user needs to listen to the audio file and dictate the audio-only on the connected microphone. It is a rapid process to create a high level of accuracy in terms of transcribing any audio.

Transcribe software offers a free one week trial to the users with the accessibility to all its tools and features. But after one week of trial, the user needs to pay some amount for the continued accessibility of the software.

Trint software

Trint software is mainly used by professionals and significant sectors like marketing, research, development, education, etc. The user can quickly transcribe audio and video files in a short period.

It is effortless to use, you all need to upload the audio or video file straight into this software, and it will be finished in a few minutes without any hamper. This software is considered one of the smartest transcription software due to its artificial intelligence, which removes the error and creates an accurate transcript.

Trint also offers an app for iPhone users where they can easily access the transcription feature for their audio and video files.

Trint software offers multiple plans to the companies that work on an hourly basis. Apart from that, you can also access it for a monthly basis. Mostly big companies access custom plans for more than one user account.


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