5 Best Ghost Hunting Apps to Spook Your Friends in 2020

What is scarier for you? , the possibility of a criminal barging in your house late at night or being alone in the house with spooky and cringe stuff happening around you.

As the world is getting more and more science and technology-driven, wherein everything has proven theory behind its existence. Majority folks do not believe in ghosts or paranormal activities probably because they’re paranormal or utterly mysterious because no science has yet explained its reason. But when it comes to actual events or stories proving or suspecting the existence of ghosts or spirits, humans turn out to be frail animals who otherwise are known as intelligent animals.

These intelligent animals believe in the power of the mind, which claims that paranormal activities are nothing but due to psychological stress. But what about the law- ” energy can neither be created nor be destroyed,” then where does the negative energy go?

Well, if there are infinite points to prove the inexistence of negative energy, unfortunately, infinite counterpoints are defending the existence of negative energy. Hence, it’s been beyond the limit for researchers to date to reach out to the conclusion.

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There was a time when people believed or used Ouija boards as mediums to communicate with ghosts. The deliberate attempt to contact the spirit of the deceased person became valuable the moment humans got convinced by the fact that the soul is immortal, and no energy can ever destroy it and started finding ways to reach out to their loved ones. Since then, humans have always had a great curiosity and desire to discover and live experience the paranormal activities.

As the discovery of different techniques and tools came into play, people started finding answers to satisfy their curiosity with the use of different theories like the negative energy causing high disturbances in the electromagnetic field. Carrying forward the method, people made use of EMF meters, which have a different purpose of diagnosing problems with electrical wiring and leaking energy at powerlines. People used it in finding out high interferences in the electromagnetic field due to negative energy.

Gradually people started working more on technologies than on finding reasons behind the paranormal activities. Hence, human intelligence has so far come up with the use of the electromagnetic field in detecting the location of paranormal activities through EMF meters, EVP (electric voice phenomenon), to detect murmurs or paranormal sounds and infrared cameras to spot out the presence of spirits or negative energies.

Generally, most of the detection and research has been done at places where the chances of paranormal activities are likely to occur, such as in graveyards, battlefields, old abandoned properties, etc. According to researchers of Para-Boston, there’s a 10 % possibility that one might experience something unexplainable or some supernatural happening around them. Still, the percentage is just bitsy for human’s inquisitive nature. As the wold is tech-driven, with humans incomplete without smartphones, numerous ghost detecting apps have come into use. The following are the five topmost rated and used applications in android and apple to track down ghosts or spirits or negative energy.

Ghostcom Radar: Spirit Detector Simulator

The form denotes itself as the spooky ghost hunting tool which invites people who love astronomy and paranormal things that go bump at night consisting of spiritual message simulator and statistics. It is based on simple technology wherein it generates a large string of random numbers. With the help of internal algorithms, these strings are translated into words and stats that get displayed on the screen, including the location data. It also allows you to ask questions via phone’s sensor and inputs to the ghosts, which helps you investigate the past of the spirits, including the reason for its death. The app assures to be successfully able to detect some of the astounding results and also consists of some positive reviews.

Google rating: 4.1

Ghost detector radar Simulator:

This app has some real personal recommendations by different tech-savvy people as the best ghost detector app with the communicator and paranormal activity radar. The radar helps in finding out the direction towards the paranormal entity. With the use of the phone’s camera, it allows the user to track down if there’s any presence of such things and later can ask questions if something gets detected. This app provides you with the features of daily updated ghost horror stories, integrates classic PKE, EMF, and EVP energy recorder, realistic images, and scary sound effects. This app, too, has positive reviews and feedback.

Google rating: 4

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Ghost detector- EM4 sensor radar:

This app describes itself as the most “accurate” for android to track down the paranormal activities. It finds ghosts with the use of the EM4 algorithm in hunting the sensitive occurrences. The description box of the app claims to be working on their future updates that’ll bring in radars, trackers, camera detectors, EVP tools, etc.

Google rating: 4

Ultimate EMF detector free (real data):

This app can only be professionally used to detect massive disturbances in the electromagnetic field. As said before, spirits and ghosts contain negative energy or undestroyed energy, which causes substantial interference in the electromagnetic field, and this app helps in the accurate detection of paranormal activities. It consists of pro and free levels.

Google rating: 4.2

Ghost hunting tools:

This application is built only for the sole purpose of entertainment. The description of the app in the play store itself mentions it to be intended for entertainment purposes only. It’s an app for beginners having easy to read graphs and integrated word analysis consisting of easy access to EMF meters and EVP detectors to hunt ghosts. Evp would help to catch out on the sounds caught during the tape recording mission. It also consists of a word interpreter which selects words from the built-in dictionary to translate the mild sounds or murmurs.

Google rating: 3.9

If you’re astounding having read from start to last and are in confusion of living in a haunted house with supernatural entities near you, find out now and track down these negative energy using these latest apps.

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