Top 6 RAM Cleaner Software for Windows

There is no secret that we are living in a world of technology. Every day we used a smartphone, computer, laptop for different purposes, and convenience. It is entirely oblivious that sometimes, we face the problem like hanging and slow down the process in our computer. It occurs when your device gets too packet or RAM isn’t clean.RAM is liable for “helping” the processor in its operations, so that it “holds” for memory purposes, all the data and instructions that the processor needs to use when running a program. If you will not be able to use more applications at the same time and process time of loading application is slow. Isn’t it frustrating and wastage of time.

6 Best RAM Optimizing and Cleaning Software of 2020

If you are the one who is facing this problem and looking for the solution or boosts the performance of your PC, then you are in the right place. You don’t have to worry more. Today, we are going to tell you the six best RAM cleaner software for Windows. Let’s get started.

 Advanced System Optimizer

You may have heard about this, It is the most potent optimizer and cleans up software for Windows. It is handy, and you will easily use it without any problems. It boosts your PC in just one click and erase all the unwanted files and catch up that slow down your PC. It also helps in system protection. It deleted all the browsing history and cooking to keep your data privacy and secure the internet. You can quickly recover and backup your data if it deleted or formatted.

Ashampoo Win Optimizer

All-time favorite software for everyone. If you want to accelerate, clean, and optimize your PC for free, then you can use the Ashampoo win optimizer. It gives the user free service for 10-20 days. It boosts the performance to the maximum level and cleans all the redundant files and delete browsing history, not just for the steady performance but also compromises your privacy and security.

Wise Memory Optimizer

You may be aware of the unknown files and application that runs in the background and slow down the process and ultimately affect the performance of the PC. Wise Memory Optimizer helps you from this problem and boost the performance of your PC like no one. It is completely free and compatible with almost all the versions of windows. It gives the pie chart of the free, use, and total memory of your PC to understand and work effectively.

CCleaner Professional Software

You may be heard about it, cause it is an award-winning optimizer, trusted by the millions user. Automatic Cleaning, Automatic Privacy Protection, Automatic Updates, Quicker Startup. These are the four things that make CCleaner professional software more amazing, and it will amaze you through its work. It regularly cleans up the unwanted files to keep your PC running smoothly. It also erases the browsing history, cookies, and blocks the pop-ups or ads to protect and secure the data. We need to update apps to work effectively. CCleaner automatically updates the apps. In just one click, you can optimize your PC in seconds, and it also disables unknown application form your PC.

IObit Advanced SystemCare

Advanced system care will speed up your PC and Internet speed. There is no doubt that it clean the PC thoroughly and secure personal data and end unnecessary start-up process and reduce the processing time. It is beneficial and easy to use by just one click. Video tutorial is also available. Fixed all unknown bugs. You can quickly recover the needful data. It has been recently updated with a new version with a lot of benefits. Check the official website of it.

Super PC Care

You may have heard of it. It is an excellent software that supports almost all versions of Windows. This software is very reliable, and you will easily access it without any worries. PC care will quickly recognize the harmful files that slow down your PC. It also disables the pop-ups or ads and secures the personal data by block the track on a website that monitors personal data without any permission and clean up the browsing history, cookies, etc. very easily.


Now, there are no more worries about harmful files and system performance. You may be worried about choosing one, but trust me, these are six the most amazing RAM cleaner software for Windows. You can download any of this software that suits to window version and easily accessible to use. You can download them easily from their official website. All the software are friendly and work effectively in mostly all the version of Windows. If you have any queries, then feel free to leave a comment and let us know which software is more useful for you. I hope I earned the privilege of your time.

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