5 Best Screenwriting Software to Satisfy Your Inner Artist

Screenwriting software are word processors specialized to the task of writing screenplays.

5 Best Screenwriting Software in 2020

The below listed are some of the amazing screenwriting software to make your work easier in 2020.

Final draft 11

It is professional screenwriting software that people in Hollywood and Bollywood tend to use while writing their screenplays. It is the most advanced software on the internet. Top writers and filmmakers in the world use this software for their work. Screenwriting is nothing without final draft 11. It gives you all the tools that may help you to write your script, and not just writing the script but developing the story from beginning to end. The SmartType function of this software remembers the scene elements which you can reinsert as you write. The new, improved features in Final Draft 11 over the previous versions are Voice to Text, Insert Images, Collaboration in Real-Time, Beat Board, Night Mode, Templates, etc. Final Draft 11 is available for Mac OS as well for PC. It is free software, but you have to pay for the pro version for the new and exciting other features. The pro version of this software costs around 250$, which is very costly as compared to other softwares.

Celtx Celtx

Celtx Celtx is free screenwriting software that is great for beginners and makes the creative process more effective, efficient, and fun. It is a cloud-based screenwriting software with over 5 million users. You can make the script for films, for audiovisual elements, theatre play, sound play, storyboard, comic book, and novel. It enables you to format your text correctly and gives you ease into screenwriting. It is more focused on developing your characters. There is a free model of celtx which comes with the base screenwriting software. It doesn’t come with all the features that you can see in other softwares. You have to subscribe to those features by paying a certain amount. It is not at advanced as final draft 11. Celtx is also available for Mac OS as well as Windows.

Fade In

Fade In is an affordable and professional tool for writing your summer blockbuster or period romance and much more. It is similar to Celtx, where there’s a free model. Still, then there’s also a subscription model. With that subscription model, you can get more features identical to Celtx that make it easier when you’re trying to go from pre-production into the production stages. The magic of screenwriting softwares like fade In is the automatic formatting feature. Unfortunately, fade In will not check your script for reduced use of subtext cliche tyranny or tedious exposition. Still, it will look for unnecessary spaces and blank lines along with the issues with the way your characters in dialogue and format it. If you’re planning to submit your script to a studio or agency, you should undoubtedly take advantage of this feature. Fade in designed to deliver a script that meets industry standards for submission to professional studios and is more affordable as compared to final draft software. Fade In is available for Mac OS, Windows, and Android.


WriterDuet is designed as intuitive and straightforward as ever, with every powerful, flexible, and professional tool you’ll ever need. It is free software that you can get online. It was released in March 2013 by Guy Goldstein. WriterDuet is used to outline, write, and format screenplays. It also supports the formats for theatres and novels. The software enabled live collaboration for users and provided an extensive toolset for professional screenwriters. It is an expensive software as it costs around 200$ for a lifetime premium license and 90$ for an annual permit, which includes a desktop application, Dropbox and Google backups, pin drop and typewriter mode, real-time collaboration, script statistics and so on. The software is available in many languages like English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and more. WriterDuet is available in Windows, Mac OS, and Android.


Slug line is a different kind of screenwriting software, also called as headers master scene headers. It makes it easier for anyone who needs to know how to format a script. It puts the story first and foremost, which is very important for the users and also figures out the formatting automatically. The slug line is based on a simple plain text file so that the users can edit the screenplay anywhere using any writing software on any device and, at last, print the screenplay up to their standards. It is known as the best and most straightforward way to write a movie. The slug line is not there for a scriptwriter to be creative in, the slug line is there for the producer and the cinematographer. Slugline provides the information for people who are going to turn the script into something magical and not for being creative. Format of slug line is that it is in 1) All caps 2) Left justified 3) Three parts: a) INT or EXT b) Name of the set c) DAY/NIGHT Slugline is only available in Mac OS and not for Windows.

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