The 6 Best Ever Video Sharing Apps in 2020

Is there even one person in the world who would not love watching videos on the internet? I guess no! Almost everyone loves spending their leisure time browsing through the internet, watching funny, emotional, romantic, motivational, educational videos. I enjoy watching those short video clips on the internet; it kills time and makes me happy! Thus, in today’s world, spreading happiness and awareness has been made even more comfortable due to the internet. All we need to know is the best apps for sharing and watching engaging content over the internet and how to upload videos as well. So now, are you worried about finding out the best video sharing apps that would let you share your content with an engaging audience? Well, I have got your back! The listing below the top six video sharing apps or platforms that would take the internet on a spin in the coming months of 2020 and beyond.

When it comes to watching videos, the first name that flashes your mind is undoubtedly YouTube! And indeed so, because it is such a large platform that allows its user to access any content. Be it culinary hacks, educational tricks, makeup tips, anything one could think of is out there on YouTube. Doubting anything, YouTube it! A not-so-recent update version has made YouTube all the more happening by letting the users go live (live video sharing) from their channel and interacting with their audiences. Another reason contributing to its popularity is that both YouTube and Android is a Google product. So you cannot think of an Android phone without YouTube. It’s pre-installed on every Android phone.

Moreover, YouTube lets you share your content for free, a bonus! It enables you to create your channel and maintain it. You can share, watch videos, create your channel all for free! I hope you can now guess the reason for its immense popularity.

The 6 Incredible Video Sharing Apps in 2020

Below are a few video sharing apps that you may wish to use as an alternative to YouTube.


Another quite popular app, usually among tech-savvy people, is Instagram. It is one of the loved social networking sites that let you watch, share, upload videos, thereby helping you strengthen your social connectivity. While most people view Instagram as a photo-sharing app, a recent update of the app also lets you make, share short video clips popularly known as IGTV. Some innovative video capturing features like a boomerang, superzoom, handsfree makes Instagram worth the hype!


You cannot talk about sharing, making, and uploading videos without bringing in the ever famous Facebook in the discussion, that would be treason! From the age of 18 to 80, name a person existing on this planet and not having a Facebook account! The most user-friendly app that one can come across is Facebook. It lets you do multiple tasks efficiently. Not only does it allow you to share, upload, and make videos, but one thing that has made Facebook all the more popular is the feature that lets you tag your friends in any posts. Though Instagram also shares this feature on Instagram, you need to follow a particular page or person to see the content or position you’re tagged in(only if the specific Instagram account is made private). Both Facebook and Instagram have live video sharing options.


Another equally popular video-sharing app that lets you share, make, watch, and even save videos to watch it later is Dailymotion. It is a massive video-sharing platform that has a gigantic collection of contents. You can choose any. It has various categories like sports, news, movies, funny videos, which one can easily browse through during leisure! Just like YouTube, this app also lets you create and maintain your channel, the only drawback being the imposition of the time limit of 60mins per video. Dailymotion, however, is the world’s second-largest video-sharing app, just after YouTube.


Another app that has grown massively in the last decade is Vimeo. It though practically has the same feature of YouTube, yet being recognized on this platform is seen as more prestigious than being on YouTube. While YouTube’s mantra is quantity over quality, Vimeo prefers the opposite. Thus making it sort of a professional community for the filmmakers, animators, dancers, musicians sharing contents they would love their audience to take a look at. Full 1080p HD videos streaming in this app is a heads-up.


If you’re a news freak, a person who’s always keen on knowing what’s happening all around the world, Liveleak is the one app you should immediately get on your phone. It is a UK based video-sharing app that mainly focuses on politics, wars, various events taking place around the globe. However, you can upload any video in this app as long as it does not violate the rules and regulations of the app.


Therefore, these are the majorly popular apps used for video sharing. There’s many more to the list, maybe next time. Until then, keep sharing!


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